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It's Not The Swine Flu | RP Log

References to new phones being installed = the start of the events (SIU-style, of course) from SVU 11x06 Spooked.

John Munch: *Munch is at his desk, actually working*
Val Lanier: *Val is working at her desk*
Olivia Benson: *so is Liv*

*tech guys come to install new phones, are busy doing that*

John Munch: *looks up*...what're they doing? *very suspicious about this*
Olivia Benson: *sniffle* What does it look like?
Olivia Benson: Do you need your eyes checked again?
John Munch: My eyes are fine. But it looks like they're changing out the phones...
Val Lanier: The phones are old.
John Munch: We're public servants.
John Munch: Our machinery is supposed to be old.

Val Lanier: I think I was in middle school when they were put in.
John Munch: *eyeroll* Oh, please.
Olivia Benson: John was here when they installed the ones they're replacing now
Olivia Benson: I think he came with the decor
Val Lanier: Most likely.

John Munch: What, is this pick on your elders day?
Olivia Benson: Maybe, but you don't qualify when you reach ancient
John Munch: *glare* You're in an awfully good mood.
Olivia Benson: I'm sick, be quiet
John Munch: Ew, stay away from me, Germy.
Val Lanier: So saw that coming. *not even looking up*

Olivia Benson: Knowing my luck, it's the damn swine flu
John Munch: *eyeroll* It's not the swine flu.
John Munch: The swine flu has been blown way out of proportion by the media and the government.
Olivia Benson: Fine. So even worse it's some confidentiall illness from who knows what country
John Munch: Confidential illness? When did you go out of the country?
Val Lanier: She wasn't the one who did.
Olivia Benson: At least someone pays attention, thank you Val
Olivia Benson: I didn't. Josh just got back.
John Munch: Oh.

John Munch: *frown* So you could've contracted some super-virus or something from god-knows-where.
John Munch: *glare like, WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN?*
Olivia Benson: Not me. HIM. And I don't know.
Val Lanier: It's probably just regular flu. Wash your hands and you'll be fine.
Olivia Benson: Probably. It damn well better be. Don't have time to get sick.
John Munch: Neither do the rest of us.
Olivia Benson: I don't think you have to worry. You've got vaccines for diseases yet to be discovered
Val Lanier: That is true.
John Munch: I like being healthy.
Val Lanier: No, you're obessive about it.
Olivia Benson: I'm surprise you trust the vaccines though, to be honest
John Munch: I don't over-vaccinate myself.

Val Lanier: *shakes her head*
John Munch: *sulks*
Olivia Benson: Sure...
Val Lanier: But you over santize.
Olivia Benson: Yes. Completely
John Munch: I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Val Lanier: And kill off good bacteria?
Olivia Benson: *nods*
John Munch: I'm not killing off good bacteria.
John Munch: I get sick way less than most people around here.
Olivia Benson: Hey, I don't get sick very much.
Val Lanier: The good bacteria isn't just part of your immune system.
John Munch: *sigh* Thank you, Florence Nightingale.

Olivia Benson: You should listen sometimes you know.
John Munch: Bite me.
Val Lanier: You're too old.
Olivia Benson: You'd taste bad
John Munch: That's not what others have said. *snide*
Olivia Benson: Abbie doesn't count.
Val Lanier: And what about your exes?
John Munch: Why doesn't Abbie count? Or my exes? It wasn't the sex life that they had problems with.
Olivia Benson: Isn't that where the taste comes from?
John Munch: *glare*
Olivia Benson: Just sayin'
John Munch: Uh-huh.
Val Lanier: *shakes her head*

John Munch: You wanna know about my sex life, ask any of my ex-wives. I'm not ashamed. *pause* Maybe not Gwen,'s Gwen.
Olivia Benson: The fact you have so many ex-wives doesn't bode well for the tales of your sex life.
John Munch: No, it bodes unwell for my emotional life. That's completely different.
Val Lanier: I can see that.

John Munch: *looks annoyed at the phones still being installed* Dammit...those better come with manuals.
Olivia Benson: You're the only one who would take the time to read it if they do
Val Lanier: *smirks* You probably have to download it.
John Munch: ...well, at least it'll save a tree.
Val Lanier: With your eye sight you'd probably have to have to print it out.
John Munch: You can make the font bigger on your screen, you know.
Olivia Benson: Not that big.

John Munch: *mutters* I didn't know BitchFlakes was the breakfast of champions around here.
Val Lanier: I can hear you.
John Munch: I know.
Val Lanier: I didn't get my coffee this morning.
John Munch: *to Val* I can tell.
Val Lanier: *rolls her eyes*
John Munch: What? I can. Moody.
Olivia Benson: You always think that way

Val Lanier: *throws a pen at him*
John Munch: *ducks*
John Munch: *then throws one back*
Olivia Benson: *runs out of the line of fire*
Val Lanier: *ducks too*

Don Cragen: *walks past, pen sails by him* ....the hell?
John Munch: *quickly looks back at his work*
Olivia Benson: *Liv has "not me" hands*
Val Lanier: *gets back to work*

Don Cragen: I thought this was the bullpen, not a playpen.
John Munch: Tell that to the junior detectives.
Don Cragen: *so knows better than to buy Munch's BS*
Val Lanier: *stays quiet*

Don Cragen: Lanier, keep Munch away from projectiles, will you?
Val Lanier: I will do my best.
Olivia Benson: He's whining about the phones. Apparently he won't be able to figure how to pick up and dial
John Munch: *picks up the new phone* I picked up. *dials* I dialed. Nothing's happening. *glare*
Olivia Benson: Is it plugged in?
Val Lanier: *smirks*
John Munch: Yes.
Don Cragen: *sighs* You have to dial 9 to get an outside line, and then choose the line you want.
John Munch: Why?
Don Cragen: Because it says so.

John Munch: I'm taking orders from a phone. Great.
Olivia Benson: You've been demoted
Val Lanier: It was bound to happen.
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